Saturday, May 18, 2013


On May 4, 2013, a group of inspiring men drove to the mountain of Kabuyao in Sto. Tomas, Tuba, Benguet, to deliver much-needed school supplies and activity books to the children of Besong Saddle Primary School.

Members of the ALFONSO LEE SIN MEMORIAL LODGE NO. 158 (FREE MASONS OF DAGUPAN) are not new to this.  Last school year, the same group in partnership with Pusong Pinoy visited and distributed backpacks containing school supplies and toiletries to the students of two schools in Tuba-Kabuyao Elementary School and Besong Saddle Primary School.  During that visit, they experienced the gratitude of the school teachers, parents and pupils. They were so inspired that they decided to return this school year.

Led by MASTER GUANSON LO of the Free Masons of Dagupan City and COO JOSEPH LO, the group delivered activity books and school kits to all 63 students of Besong Saddle Primary School. Each student received a school kit containing:

1 Plastic envelope
3 Notebooks
2 Pad papers
2 sets of crayons
3 Pens or 3 Pencils
1 Ruler
1 water tumbler
1 raincoat
1 baseball cap
1 umbrella

Master Joseph Lo is the Chief Operating Officer of the automobile-cellular phone trading giant, the Guanzon Group of Companies. His father founded the charitable organization, LGK Guanzon Foundation, Inc.   During this visit, Joseph Lo announced that the LGK Guanzon Foundation will provide funding for the materials needed to build a concrete surface for the playground and fence around the school’s playground.  The parents, teachers and children were ecstatic when they learned about the funding.  As a contribution from the community, the parents will provide the labor necessary to complete the project.

The playground area was created by parents during the summer of 2012.  They carved out a portion of the hill near the school to provide a flat play area.  However, due to a lack of funds, the area remained open to a dangerous cliff edge on one side and a rough wall of rocks on the other.  During the rainy season, the play area gets muddy, slippery and very dangerous.  Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. The long-held dream of the community to have a safe space for their children to play is about to come true. The HEROES of the Alfonso Lee Sin Memorial Lodge Lodge No. 158 (Free Masons of Dagupan) and the LGK Guanzon Foundation, Inc. stepped up to address the need of the school.

Amazing HEROES!  You have indeed poured so much blessings to the children of Besong Saddle Primary School!  Thank you so much!