Monday, October 25, 2010


SERA JADA ENCINA's 4th birthday is a day she will definitely never forget. She traveled from Manila to Batangas with her parents, JOWEE & SARA, her brother, SEAN JEDI, and grandparents to celebrate her birthday with the underprivileged kids in Batangas. The celebration was organized by the Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC) with Pusong Pinoy Core Team Leader BENG DIZON.

The Encina family shared their blessings by hosting a McDonald's party for the PSAC kids. The kids were treated with food, games, and McDonald's mascot appearance. Jada and her family distributed 220 packs of McDonald's chicken and rice, apple pie, and cheeseburger. They also gave umbrellas, backpacks, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, powder, shampoo, and cologne to 150 kids of PSAC.

Those in attendance were also given free haircut. Special thanks to the 15 hairstylists from David's Salon headed by their senior hairstylist and assistant training directress Ms. LORNA SANDOVAL for giving the free haircuts!

This is truly a memorable day not only for Jada, but for the PSAC kids. Thank you so much, Jowee & Sara, for celebrating Jada's birthday the Pusong Pinoy way! You are heroes to these kids! PSAC's President Liza de Jesus said, "Thank you so much! This was truly an early Christmas for the PSAC kids!"

PSAC has been a Pusong Pinoy recipient for the past year. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the Philippines, not only by helping them with their needs, but encouraging a positive outlook on life. Click HERE to read past Pusong Pinoy projects with PSAC. For information about our Birthday Program, please contact CTL Jay at

Friday, October 22, 2010


October 22, 2010 was truly a special day for special kids at the Stimulation and Therapy Activity Center (STAC) of Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) located at Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. Cousins TY BUCK, NATHAN VILLAR, ISAIAH VILLAR, and GEORGE PACCERELLI celebrated their birthdays at BBC in conjunction with STAC's Children's Month and United Nations Organization (UNO) celebration. These cousins have always been supportive of Pusong Pinoy projects donating their own books, clothes, and toys for our cause, so it was no surprise when they celebrated their birthdays the Pusong Pinoy way. Thank you so much, Junior Heroes!

The celebration started with a parade of BBC kids wearing costumes of the country they represent as they rode on tricycles around town. The parade ended at STAC where the kids were treated with food, drinks, and treats. This is truly a birthday our Junior PP Heroes will never forget!

The Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) Project is a joint initiative of the Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas, Inc. (KAMPI) and the Danish Society of Polio and Accident victims (PTU). BBC provides free physical and social rehabilitation, stimulation activities, and pre-school training to poor children with disabilities ages 0 to 14 years old.

Special thanks to LOUELLA MATIDIOS of STAC for coordinating this event with Pusong Pinoy, and most especially to the staff of STAC for making this event a success.

If you would like information about Pusong Pinoy's Birthday Blowout Program, please contact CTL Jay Martinez at or Vice-Team Leader Carol Vega at Click HERE to see other Pusong Pinoy's birthday celebrations.


Last year, Pusong Pinoy in partnership with Hong Kong-based radio show, PINOY TAYO SANMAN (PTS) launched "Project Kariton Para Sa DTC". This project was completed in only 13 days raising P60,000 toward the purchase of karitons (pushcarts) for Dynamic Teen Company. Each kariton cost P30,000. The funds were sent to DTC in October 2009.

Volunteers of DTC push a “kariton” in the slum areas of Cavite. The "kariton" contains books and other educational materials to share with the children in these slum areas; hence, the term "Kariton Klasrum" (pushcart classroom). DTC's work has been recognized not only in the Philippines, but worldwide, and its founder, Efren Penaflorida Jr., was awarded the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year.

The first kariton was presented to PP Philippines Team in February 2010. At the same time, our PP Team brought chocolates, 500 pairs of slippers, and 1,000 toothbrushes to DTC as part of the 2009 Project Pamasko ng Pusong Pinoy. The second kariton was presented in July 2010 during the Mandela Day celebration organized by Efren Penaflorida and DTC in Quezon City.



This project was spearheaded by Pusong Pinoy Hong Kong led by Charter Team Leader ANGEL JAY MARTINEZ. Special thanks to PP HK Team Leader, JINKY SONSALLA, for sponsoring one kariton, but nevertheless, she still baked cookies to raise funds for the second kariton with the help of then-PPCs CAROL VEGA, KAZ SORIANO, and WYS VAS-VILLALOBOS. Hats off to Team Hong Kong for their hard work! Donations were also received from the Philippines and United States.

Thanks to all the HEROES and SUPERHEROES who made this project a huge success! Special thanks to Team Hong Kong and to all the fans of Pinoy Tayo Sanman for their tremendous support and generosity!


Saturday, October 9, 2010


For the second year in a row, our youngest PP Hero LJ MARTINEZ, son of our Hongkong Charter Team Leader Angel "Jay" Martinez, celebrated his birthday with the kids of Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC) at Saudiville, Banay-banay, Lipa City. Celebrating with him is another PP Hero ANTHONY MAPALAD, whose family went to PSAC to take part in the celebration. They are two amazing heroes who treated the PSAC kids with a fun day of games, lunch, and gifts. Thanks, LJ and Anthony, for sharing your special day with these wonderful kids!

Special thanks to PSAC President, LIZA DE JESUS, and the entire PSAC volunteers for organizing this birthday celebration. Pusong Pinoy commends PSAC for their tireless acts of kindness and generosity towards less privileged families around their area.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010


On October 2, 2010, Pusong Pinoy Hero JEAN TSE of Hong Kong celebrated her birthday by sponsoring a luncheon for the kids of Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC) in Batangas through our PP Birthday Blowout Program. The kids celebrated Jean's birthday with food and games. This is truly a fun-filled day for the kids! Thank you so much, Jean! We would also like to thank PSAC's President, Liza de Jesus and the amazing PSAC volunteers for making this happen!

PSAC is an organization whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the Philippines, not only by helping them with their needs but also encouraging a positive outlook on life. If you are interested in celebrating your birthday the Pusong Pinoy way, please contact CTL Jay Martinez at Click HERE to see other Pusong Pinoy's birthday celebrations.