Saturday, December 13, 2014


The Prestwick, Scotland, Christmas Light lighting-up “Fayre” has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. On Sunday, 30th of November, thousands of people flocked to the town for the event. It culminates in the street Christmas Lights and Christmas tree “switch-on”. 

Pusong Pinoy joined in the festivities for the second year running.  It was an ideal opportunity to promote our cause and raise funds to support the shipment of our donations to our Pusong Pinoy recipients.  
Special thanks to the CO-OP SUPERMARKET in Prestwick, Scotland, for its generous donation of minced pies (36x6 boxes).  These tasty minced fruit, spiced pies are a traditional Christmas treat.  This is the second year that the store has donated mince pies. The pies were given to people for a small donation to Pusong Pinoy during the event.  

Thank you to Pusong Pinoy Heroes PAULA NIMMO and  STEWARD McMURRAN, for helping us during this event.  Thanks to JOAN DECECCO for donating costume jewelry and to MARY DEVLIN for baking biscuits for us to sell.  

Special thanks to the ROTARY CLUB OF PRESTWICK and “BUZZWORKS” and all of the people who helped with the organization of the event.   Finally, thank you to all of the donors who supported our stall and the event.  We truly appreciate it.