Sunday, January 29, 2012



Last year, Pusong Pinoy collected over 15,000 new and gently-used children's books, donated about 1 million pesos worth of goods and services, added more than 4,500 members on Facebook and provided assistance to 30 public elementary schools and day care centers, 3 communities and 5 outreach organizations in the Philippines.

It was a truly remarkable year for Pusong Pinoy! Sincerest thanks to our 33,520 members, generous donors and countless volunteers for making it happen.

Donna B. Rosario, our founder, wrote: "Pusong Pinoy acknowledges every HERO that helps us further our cause not because our donors or sponsors expect us to promote their generosity. We do it out of gratitude; for transparency purposes; to show that amidst all the hatred and chaos going on around us, GOODNESS ABOUNDS. We want to show the world that HEROES exist and that together, we could truly make a difference."

She also added that "Pusong Pinoy continues to exist because of your generosity. Hats off to all the leaders and volunteers of each public school, organization and ministry that Pusong Pinoy assists and believes in. THANK YOU, HEROES!"

Here are some of the reasons why we couldn't stop thanking our everyday heroes. And we are grateful for the opportunity to say our thank yous nearly every day! Join us as we take a look back at events that you have made possible:

Thank you for your continued support for our ongoing book drive! To date, approximately 33,000 new and gently-used children's books have made their way into the hands of eager readers from the majestic mountains of Benguet to the pristine shores of Palawan.

Through a heartwarming video, we watched in amazement as a young girl from Sitio Magagong, Malis, Brooke's Point, Palawan proficiently read lessons in English. Your book and school supplies donations not only helped her further develop reading and writing skills but also enhanced her ability to learn a foreign language.

She is one of thousands of kids who continue to benefit from the reading and literacy programs of various organizations, schools and communities we proudly support. We are committed to strengthening these partnerships and look forward to forging new ones this year.

Early last year, Pusong Pinoy further solidified its commitment to education as we launched our second annual scholarship project, "Donasyon para sa Edukasyon 2" (Donation for Education). We were able to continue providing scholarships to 17 existing scholars and managed to add 16 more with generous help from individuals and one of our partner organizations, ICONS Fil-Am Society of America.

Once again, all 33 Pusong Pinoy/Hilarian scholars were given a well-deserved opportunity to attend another academic year at De La Salle Lipa's Saint Brother Jaime Hilario FSC Learning Community, "a five year program that provides secondary education to highly motivated and qualified students whose economic conditions hinder them to acquire quality academic formation."

At a Christmas party held last December 19 for the students and their families, several scholars delivered heartfelt messages of thanks for the financial support they received from their sponsors. Their words of gratitude came with a solemn promise to always do their best to make their parents, not to mention their sponsors, proud.

Additionally, 14 young scholars, who otherwise could not have attended a public elementary school after graduating from Damascus Foundation's Learning Centre, one of our longtime beneficiary organizations, were able to do so after receiving financial support from several kind-hearted donors.

With your help, we were also able to provide funds used for the transportation and meal allowance of a handful of out-of-school youth so they can travel to Rio Tuba Testing Center for the 2011 Accreditation and Equivalency Test giving them a chance to earn their high school diploma.

Pusong Pinoy successfully completed its school supplies project, "Alay Mula sa Puso 2" (Gift from the Heart), which aimed to provide needy kids with the necessary tools to help them learn. With tremendous help from the Toy Run Foundation of New Jersey, more than 700 children from several public schools and organizations benefited from this worthwhile project.

We also held our annual food drive to support various feeding programs that provide nourishment to impoverished kids. We firmly believe that a child will be able to focus on learning on a full stomach. Your monetary donations and in-kind contributions have reinforced our efforts to provide food assistance to several schools and outreach organizations.

Moreover, our Birthday Blowout Program also gave us the opportunity to supplement these feeding programs. Throughout the year, Pusong Pinoy scheduled birthday celebrations at least once a month. This program provided another platform for those who wished to share their blessings as they celebrate their birthdays in a more meaningful way.

For the third straight year, we launched our annual Christmas Gift-Giving Project, "Pamasko ng Pusong Pinoy 3". We were able to spread the holiday cheer by providing slippers and food items to over 3,000 underprivileged kids and 650 families in the Philippines.

Coming on the heels of our year-end project, Pusong Pinoy was called upon to respond immediately to the needs of those affected by typhoon Sendong (Washi). We began accepting donations following the launch of our CDO (Cagayan de Oro) Relief Project. In less than a month, we were able to raise over PHP 300,000.00 used towards the purchase of relief supplies.

On December 29, Pusong Pinoy representatives coordinated relief efforts on the ground and personally delivered bottled water, slippers and hygiene packs to the Red Cross headquarters in Cagayan de Oro to benefit hundreds of typhoon victims in that area.  Please keep the victims of typhoon Sendong in your prayers.

Last but not least, Pusong Pinoy became tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations made to Pusong Pinoy are now tax deductible.  As is our usual practice, 100% of your donations will be used for its designated purpose and will directly benefit your intended recipients.  Thank you for choosing Pusong Pinoy to meet your philantropic goals and for believing in our cause!

Looking forward to an amazing 2012,
- PP League of Superheroes

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Saturday, January 28, 2012



With over 16,000 people still in various evacuation sites throughout Cagayan de Oro (CDO) after flashfloods hit the city, Pusong Pinoy HEROES from all over the globe showed even more of an outpouring of generosity as they gave monetary donations to help 2,250 of the neediest evacuees in the city – for the second time. 

After the devastation caused by typhoon Sendong (Washi), PP heroes gave what they could to help the victims.  On December 29, 2011, with the help of our long-time supporter and project partner, EDWIN RODRIGUEZ and his company, RCS LOGISTICS PHILIPPINES, INC. (RCS), Pusong Pinoy turned over Php120,000 worth of bottled water, hygiene packs, and slippers to the Philippine Red Cross Misamis Oriental- Cagayan de Oro chapter.  Click HERE to read about our CDO Relief Project 1. 
The miracle of heroes stepping up did not end there. By January 2012, more HEROES from different locations in the world expressed their intent to help.  This time, Pusong Pinoy raised P213,000 in monetary donations to purchase items specifically requested by Philippine Red Cross,
because people at the evacuation centers are in dire need of those itemsOnce again, our amazing PP Hero and a major partner in this endeavor, Edwin, took a flight from Manila to CDO.  Using resources from his company, RCS, he turned over the items listed below to the Philippine Red Cross CDO Chapter on January 26, 2012.  He was joined by SABINA DURANO, a CDO representative of PHILIPPINES TYPHOON RELIEF, a group that raised P97,000 for our second CDO relief project. Ms. Durano helped procure some of the goods locally and handed it out to those taking shelter at the Red Cross Center.
  • 2,250 toothbrushes
  • ,250 sachets of toothpaste 
  • 2,250 sachets of shampoo
  • 2,250 large bars of soap
  • 480 medium baby diapers
  • 960 large baby diapers
  • 180 pax @ 12pcs/pack of sanitary napkins
  • 110 dozens women's underwear
  • 85 dozens men's underwear
  • 80 dozens boy's underwear
  • 80 dozens girl's underwear 
Indeed, goodness is in the heart of many.  Overall, we received over P300,000 for our CDO Relief Projects.   Pusong Pinoy is truly grateful to all the HEROES who have shared their blessings with the typhoon victims.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P21,000 - P42,000


P10,000 - P19,999
Martin, Aileen Paz & Family (Philippines)
TL Beng Dizon's Friends (Philippines)
 SMK Japan Interns & Employees (Japan)
Susan Chua-Tan & Family (Philippines)

 P5,000 - P9,999
 TL Douglass Inness (Scotland)
 Marjorie Hagedorn Umali (Philippines)
 Tonton, Violy Ong & Family (Philippines)
TL Cherry & Vic Tanedo (Dubai)
Anonymous Hero (Hong Kong)
RSD Auto Broker (USA)
Eli & Miguel Ventigan (USA)
Tony Velbis (USA)

P3,000 - P4,999
 Mary Hagedorn (Philippines)
TL Sharon Barrios (USA)
Rebecca Thomson (USA)
Theresa Fernandez (USA)
Bernardina "Bernie" Cortes Kimmerle (USA)
TL Dana & Marty Gali (USA)
Alma & Edwin Sacurom (USA)

Anonymous Hero (India)
Jovito Macatugal (USA)
Caroline Zarate Boyle (USA)
Amy Canlas Reyes (USA)
Liza & Alfred Acevedo (USA)
Minessa Joaquin (USA)
Rowena Chee (USA)
Gil & Karina Barrios (USA)
Loi Lee (Hong Kong)
HK Bayanihan (Hong Kong)
Tracy Japson-Jimenez (Philippines)
Millie Padilla (USA)
Sheila Lorenzo (Australia)
Nessie Suarez (Hong Kong)
VTL Laica Martinez (Hong Kong)
Lianne CB (Hong Kong)
Janice & Chito Sagana (USA)
Miguel Bustria (USA)
Planet Pansit (USA)
Elizabeth Caceres (Philippines)

P400 - P999
Benson Lee of "BLACK & WHITE TEA & COFFEE" (USA)
 Pretzell Placino (Hong Kong)
Nelia Arino (Hong Kong)
Leda Guion Garcia (Hong Kong)
Sam Dardiel (USA)
Marlon De La Cruz (USA)
Myrna Tanedo Romero (USA)

Special thanks to our friends from PHILIPPINES TYPHOON RELIEF, especially BRIAN BURGONIO, for partnering with Pusong Pinoy for this relief effort!  Thank You!  We are truly grateful!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Once again, as part of our Christmas project, "Pamasko ng Pusong Pinoy 3", our Pusong Pinoy team took a 45-minute ride up the mountains of Mt. Sto. Tomas. The magnificent view of Baguio City was equaled by the amazing teachers and children who met the team with open arms. The bigger boys of the school readily queued up to unload the jeepney containing the goodies the kids will receive. All the rest stood in lines patiently waiting for the program to begin. They prepared dance, poetry and song numbers for Pusong Pinoy to show their utmost gratitude to the people who never fail to make them feel special. The teachers expressed their unending gratitude to the Superheroes and HEROES of Pusong Pinoy for the snacks and Christmas packages containing rice, noodles, sardines, and slippers for all students of Kabuyao Elementary School. 

(167 Students)
1 apple
2 packs of ramen noodles
1 can of sardines
1 pair of slippers
1 pair of gently-used jacket/sweater (to follow)

(9 teachers)
2 bars of soap
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
1 small bag of assorted chocolates
3 1/2 kilos of rice

We would like to thank Pusong Pinoy Heroes ADO CABJUAN, NAJYA CABJUAN, and JEREMY DOBLE for helping in the distribution of goodies.  Special thanks to our Pusong Pinoy team who were involved in this turnover:  Philippines Core Team Leader NINGNING DOBLE, Team Leaders ADI LAPPAO and BYD BAWAYAN, and Vice-Team Leader JOANNE SUYAM.  Lastly, thanks to all the PP HEROES for making this event possible!