Friday, July 19, 2013


The children of Village of Hope were ecstatic to receive brand new school supplies from Pusong Pinoy.  They are now ready to start the school year 2013/2014.  Thank you to all the Pusong Pinoy heroes for making this possible. 

MIKE & JEANETTE PROPP of Village of Hope shared the following message: "Pusong Pinoy provided so many wonderful things for educating the Kids at Village of Hope. Thank you, Pusong Pinoy!"

VILLAGE OF HOPE has been a recipient of Pusong Pinoy since 2010. It is a community of orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in the Philippines. Its model is a little different than other orphanages. It does not put the children up for adoption. 

According to Mike, "VOH is an ‘orphan care in families’. We have seen the harshness of life Filipino street children face. VOH is something new...something bright...something fresh. It's a safe, loving, and happy place. It's a place of HOPE". VOH currently operates four homes on a 20-acre lot in the hills of Talibon, Bohol. Each home is led by a married couple committed to caring for up to 10 children. 

VOH's goal is to recreate a natural family environment. Meals are cooked in the home by the houseparents and children, instead of a central kitchen. Each family has its own budget provided by VOH. They do their own grocery shopping and housechores. There are currently 35 children in the community. Its vision is to have 20 homes and a capacity to care for 200 children in the future.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Pusong Pinoy believes that good nutrition is important for good learning, so we have now officially launched our semi-annual FOOD DRIVE benefitting the kids of DAMASCUS FOUNDATION and LITTLE LIGHTS MINISTRY. Get ready to HAVE FUN while making a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged kids in the Philippines.  Thanks in advance!
 * Any amount is greatly appreciated *

 For more information about this project, please email us at

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Deeply inspired and motivated by the works of Damascus Foundation and Little Lights Ministry, Pusong Pinoy took on this food drive project to help these organizations continue their mission which is in line with ours - to promote literacy to eradicate poverty.
Damascus Foundation (DF) is a non-stock, non-profit foundation located in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan in the Philippines. It is a home for drug dependents, street children, and individuals with behavioral problems. It caters mostly to charity cases; youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in our country. Its holistic approach to rehabilitation aims to give hope and provide opportunities for a normal and functional life, providing these kids with physical, mental, and spiritual development.  Apart from its rehabilitation center, DF also runs a preschool, Damascus Learning Center (DLC).  A lot of children in far-away barrios of their town do not have the access to preschool or kindergarten education. Most of their parents cannot afford to send them to school because of financial difficulties. For this reason, Damascus opened DLC for the children of indigent families of the town.  Its mission is to nurture back to health and educate undernourished children in its town and provide livelihood opportunities to their parents. 
Little Lights Ministry, as part of Kerygma Asia, planted its humble beginnings in February 2010, at Sitio Tawi-Tawi along the riverbanks of the Pasig-Cainta boundary where drug dealing, drinking sprees, gambling, and street brawls are a way of life. Out of this concern, Little Lights was born. As the ministry continued its mission, they came across out-of-school and never-schooled children, which led them to start "Learning Lessons," a progressive Montessori-type learning system for ages 2 to 15 years.
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10 SACKS OF RICE (Php14,500php; $353.66)
5 KILOS KNORR SEASONING (Php1,475; $35.98)
10 PACKS OVALTINE (840g) (Php1,600php; $39.02)
30 PACKS SUNDAY JUICE (powder 400g) (Php1,440; $35.12)
72 KILOS EQUAL SUGAR (Php3,456; $82.29)
40 PACKS SPAGHETTI SAUCE (1Kg) (Php2720; $66.34)
3 GALLONS COOKING OIL (Php873; $21.29)
50 CANS EVAPORATED MILK (370ml)(Php1,150; $28.05)
2 SACKS OF STICKY RICE (Php5,300; $129.27)
40 KGS. SUNSHINE SPAGHETTI (1kg) ($2,160; $52.68)
40 KGS. SUNSHINE ELBOW MACARONI (1Kg) (Php2,760; $67.32)
50 PAILS REBISCO BISCUITS (3Kg) (Php1,1250; $274.39)
50 PACKS BIHON (500g) (Php1,350php; $32.93)
TOTAL AMOUNT: P50,034; $1,220

10 SACKS RICE (P1,4500; $353.66)
20 PAILS REBISCO BISCUITS (3Kg) (P4,500; $109.76usd)
7 GALLONS SPRING COOKING OIL (P2,037php; $49.68)
25 KGS. SUNSHINE ELBOW MACARONI (1Kg) (P1,725; $52.07)
15 PACKS ALASKA POWDERED MILK (700g) (P2,760; $67.32)
25 KGS. EQUAL SUGAR (Php1200; $29.27)
25 PACKS UFC SPAGHETTI SAUCE (1Kg) (Php1,700; $41.46)
15 PACKS OVALTINE (840g) (Php2,400; $58.54)
50 CANS CDO CORNED BEEF (260g) (Php8,350; $203.66)
250 PACKS PAYLESS RAMEN NOODLES (Php2,250php; 54.88usd)
100 CANS 555 SARDINES (425g) (Php3,400; $82.93)
25 KGS. SUNSHINE SPAGHETTI (Php1,350php; $32.93) 5
50 CANS LUNCHEON MEAT (Php2,250; $54.88)
TOTAL AMOUNT: P48,422; $1,181

Monday, July 1, 2013




Meet the 2013-2014 Pusong Pinoy Scholars.  For this school year, Pusong Pinoy has committed in helping 32 financially challenged, but truly deserving scholars. These students went through a screening process and are well-deserving of this scholarship. 

Alvarez, Che-Che Recreo 
Calalo, Cheska Otico 
Katigbak, Noriel Alqueres 
Lajarca, Joyce Ann Remo
Lospe, Rowena Palconit 
Mabiling, Israel Cuasay 
Magabo, Russel De Guzman 
Mallilin, Peta Mikkaela Aquino 
Medina, Al John Paul LaiƱo 
Mercado, Cedrick Frenando 
Mercado, Lucky Bryan Tarrayo 
Montanez, Mark Aldrin 
Padilla, Georgia Macatangay 
Ongkit, Jennesa Isidro 
Ramos, Dennica Hannah 
Rueca, Hannah Algara 
Villanueva, Ed Paulo 

Arlene Perez - 9 yrs old; 5th grade 
Abegail Duano - 10 yrs old; 4th grade 
Arjay Amandy - 10 yrs old; 4th grade 
Gina Sarmiento - 10 yrs old; 4th grade 
Karen Sarmiento - 9 yrs old; 3rd grade 
Kyla Mae Luciano - 8 yrs old; 4th grade 
Micaella Fajardo - 9 yrs old; 4th grade 
Raissa Castro - 7 yrs old; 2nd grade 
Jenevive Basay - 6 yrs old; 1st grade 
Erwin Perez - 10 yrs old; 4th grade 
Andrea Nicolle Tamalla - 8 yrs old; 4th grade 
Janella Legaspi - 7 yrs old; 3rd grade 
Jasmin Fajardo - 9 yrs old; 4th grade 
Monica Gelua - 10 yrs old; 5th grade 
Heart Ghem dela Cruz - 8 yrs old; 4th grade 

Thank you to all the PP HERORS for continuing to support our scholarship project! For more infomation about our Scholarship Project, please contact JOCELIN OLIVIER, PP's Director of Scholarship, at