Friday, August 28, 2009


Pusong Pinoy donor BLOSSOM VALIENTE of Hong Kong celebrated her birthday by sponsoring a luncheon for 80 to 100 kids of Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC) at Banay-Banay, Lipa City. The kids celebrated Blossom's birthday with food and games. What a way to celebrate her special day!

Pusong Pinoy commends Liza De Jesus (PP Liaison of PSAC) and the entire volunteers that make up PSAC of San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church in Lipa City for their tireless acts of kindness and generosity towards less privileged families around their area.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On July 6, 2009, Pusong Pinoy launched its first FOOD DRIVE CHALLENGE between Team Pusong Pinoy and Team Edwin Dayrit Rodriguez. It was a race to complete a list of food items for Damascus Foundation. Both teams completed the list, but Team EDR won in a matter of minutes! Total food items worth PHP100,000 were raised during this challenge.

Damascus Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit foundation located in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan in the Philippines. It is a home for drug dependents, street children, and individuals with behavioral problems. It caters mostly to charity cases; youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in our country. Its holistic approach to rehabilitation aims to give hope and provide opportunities for a normal and functional life, providing these kids with physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Apart from its rehabilitation center, Damascus have now embarked on a loftier and more empowering mission: to nurture back to health and educate undernourished children in its town and provide livelihood opportunities to their parents by way of the Damascus Learning Center (DLC). A lot of children in far-away barrios of their town do not have the access to preschool or kindergarten education. Most of their parents cannot afford to send them to school because of financial difficulties. For this reason, Damascus opened a preschool (Kindergarten and Preparatory level) for the children of indigent families of the town. DLC also provides school supplies, uniforms, and food/snacks to these children.

Monday, August 17, 2009


NATHAN ROSARIO and MIKO BUSTRIA of California celebrated their birthdays with 100 kids of Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC). The kids celebrated Nathan & Miko's birthdays with lunch and games! What a way to celebrate their special day! Thanks, Nathan & Miko, you made these kids very happy! You truly are heroes to these kids!

If you would like to celebrate your birthday in a grand way, please send us an email or contact the Team Leader in your area.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


On August 15, 2009, Pusong Pinoy shipped 800 children's books to "impoverished mountain schools of South Negros Occidental". DESTINATION: R.E.C.O.P./Peacepond, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL in the Philippines.

R.E.C.O.P. (Rural Educational and Cultural Outreach Program) helps and supports schoolchildren in the mountains of Negros Occidental.

Shipping cost was donated by Village Presbyterian Church of Ladera Ranch, California. A big thanks to Joanne Frigillana Bermudez for coordinating the book drive and $200 cash donations at her church ($110 of the $200 donation was used for the shipment of two boxes). Shipment of the boxes were provided by Cargo Link International of West Covina, California.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


UPDATED 10/4/09 (scroll below)

Pusong Pinoy Bagiuo-Benguet Team: Team Leader Adi Aiden Lappao,
Team Leader Byd Bawayan, and Christine Grace

Pusong Pinoy Team with Mayor Hon. Jose Abansi of Burgos, La Union.

Pusong Pinoy Team with De La Salle BMRP

1,000 children's books donated by Pusong Pinoy

School heads from Burgos schools who are the recipients of the children's books donated to DLSL

According to Pusong Pinoy Team Leader Byd Bawayan:
"The pictures were taken from the launching of the Project ABC (Ameliorating Burgos Children) of the Municipal Government of Burgos and the Book Donation Turnover spearheaded by the De La Salle Lipa Book Mobile & Reading Program and PUSONG PINOY. The event was held last August 5 at the Session Hall, Legislative Bldg., Burgos, La Union. We also visited 3 schools among the 12 barangays of Burgos, La Union. This marks the entry of the programs of DLSL and PUSONG PINOY in the north of Luzon, and hopefully, we could be able to establish such programs in more areas..who knows? Perhaps in the Cordilleras in the near future. This serves as our first meeting with the members of DLSL BMRP and PUSONG PINOY members as well."

Ningning Doble (Pusong Pinoy Liaison for DLSL BMRP) reports:
"I want to report to all the donors of the first 1,000 books that arrived in De La Salle Lipa that the books have been turned over to Project ABC of Burgos, La Union last Aug. 5. The Burgos team are very grateful and are already planning the adaptation of the BMRP library process. That's just one! We also met with University of Baguio President, JB Bautista and UB Foundation President, Tin Bautista. Both are more than willing to partner with De La Salle Lipa by providing volunteers to our programs in the Northern Luzon area, especially in and near the Baguio area. They want to replicate what we do in improving literacy rates in the area. Lastly, we met with Dr. Elizabeth Balajadia Ines of the Soroptimist society of Baguio City. They are opening reading centers in the poor barangays in the outskirts of Baguio City. De La Salle Lipa will help with the process of opening the centers but we will be needing books for them. So, we are calling on Pusong Pinoy friends to please help us."

UPDATE 10/04/09:
Ningning C. Doble, Pusong Pinoy Liaison for DLSL, reports:
"Cherry Panta of Burgos, La Union has reported that the 1,000 books that Pusong Pinoy donated to the local government of Burgos thru Project ABC (Ameliorating Burgos Children) are now being used by the children. The books were distributed equally among eight schools. Every three weeks, Cherry collects the books and exchange the books between the schools. That way, kids get to enjoy more books. The teachers provide story reading sessions during the DEAR program (Drop Everything and Read Program) during lunch hours and after classes. Cherry, we are so proud of you. Once again, thank you!"

To learn more about De La Salle Lipa BMRP, click here