Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Pusong Pinoy started with a book drive to assist established organizations in the Philippines to promote literacy. One of these organizations is De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) who has been an invaluable partner with their Book Mobile and Reading Program (BMRP). To date, we have donated over 5,000 children's books to the BMRP since May 2009.

Thanks to your generosity and blessings, we can now do even more! We are honored, yet humbled, that we can now launch our newest project "DONASYON PARA SA EDUKASYON" (Donation For Education). We will be sponsoring 10 high school students for the school year 2010-2011 at De La Salle Lipa. We are looking for heroes to help sponsor these worthy and deserving students.

This scholarship is for DLSL's Saint Brother Jaime Hilario FSC Learning Community, a five year program that provides secondary education to highly motivated and qualified students whose economic conditions hinder them to acquire quality academic formation. Tuition is only P5,000 (approx US$111) for a high school scholar's entire year at DLSL.

We will post the names of our scholars as it becomes available before the start of the school year 2010-2011. Rest assured that these students went through DLSL's screening process and are well-deserving of this scholarship.

Our deepest appreciation goes to our Pusong Pinoy Team Leader of Batangas, NING C. DOBLE, for telling us about this wonderful opportunity to do so much more!

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact the Team Leader in your area or email

***** U P D A T E *****

In a matter of 24 hours after launching this project, we already exceeded our goal of sponsoring 10 scholars. Thanks to the following sponsors who already sent their pledges:

SCHOLAR #1 - PP Hong Kong TL Jinky Sonsalla (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #2 - Tony Velbis (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #3 - PP Philippines Core TL Beng Dizon (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #4 - PP Australia TL Carole Abela (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #5 - PP Seattle TL Dong Mamaril (P2,500); PP Founder Donna Rosario (P2,500)

SCHOLAR #6 - PP USA-West Coast CTL Bing Mordeno/NEB (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #7 - PP Ladera Ranch TL Joanne & VTL Victor Bermudez (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #8 - PP Corona TL Annali Palomo Ancheta & Family (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #9 - Mina Balba Dizon & Family (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #10 - Elizabeth Kwong (P1,000), Roland Tanedo (P4,000)

SCHOLAR #11 - PP Quezon City TL Lance Bucoy & VTL Sharon Barrios (P1,000); Charmaine Orquiola (P1,000); Sharon Icasas (P1,000); Taiba Imiri (P1,000); Joyce Martinez (P1,000)

SCHOLAR #12 - Mila Oleo (P2000); Christine Uy (P1000); Benice Bilas (P1000); Susan Nevasseur (P1000)

SCHOLAR #13 - PP San Diego TL Ochi Tanedo (P2,000), Chinky Francisco (P1,000); Jenny Oliva (P1,000); Anonymous Donor from Team Baguio-Benguet (P1,000)

SCHOLAR #14 - PP Pampanga TL Neri Lugue (P2,000); PP Australia TL Nikki Lanaria (P3000)

SCHOLAR #15 - Wendy Wong (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #16 - Lily Lim (P5,000)

SCHOLAR #17 - Rene Bernardo (P5,000)

Anonymous Donor from Team Baquio-Benguet (P500)
Kia & Kale Estoque (P1000)

A formal presentation of the scholarships will be held in May 2010 to coincide with Pusong Pinoy's one-year anniversary! Please check our website for updates and pictures.

(UPDATE: The scholarship presentation was held on May 22, 2010. Click here to read more about it.)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Last year, Pusong Pinoy had several relief operations for those affected by Typhoon Pepeng in Benguet and neighboring towns. In Mt. Kabuyao, homes were saved but the livelihood of so many was nearly wiped out. The fields and gardens were washed away, crippling the families of their only livelihood.

To help the residents of Mt. Kabuyao recover, Pusong Pinoy donated approximately P23,130 worth of seeds, distributing them to 60 affected families in Mt. Kabuyao. The seeds were turned over by PP Baguio-Benguet Team Leader BYD BAWAYAN. It was Pusong Pinoy's vision that these seed donations will serve as a long-term aid and a foundation for the affected families to build from, so these families may recover crops lost in the aftermath of the recent typhoon.

Around the same time, PP Baguio-Benguet Vice-Team Leader JOANNE SUYAM also organized a relief drive at her local church at Greenwater, Baguio City. They collected a sack of rice and grocery items which were donated to John Chamos and his two kids. Mr. Chamos lost his wife during the aftermath of Typhoon Pepeng (Parma). The goods were received by the kids' grandmother in behalf of Mr. Chamos. VTL Joanne also collected a total of 10 sacks/boxes of used clothings which were distributed to the community.

A message from PP Team Leader BYD BAWAYAN:
"We would like to thank each and everyone who helped during our relief operations, namely:

PP Founder Donna Bernardo Rosario, TL Joanne Bermudez, VTL Victor Bermudez, Dennis Lin, Tyler Bischel, Alinna Satake, Hideyo Satake, Brenda Carlson, Nathan Carlson, David Crutchfield, Aleli Lamadrid, and Jonathan Reyes

VTL Joanne Suyam & the congregation of the Baguio Fountain of Life Fellowship

FOR THE PP BAGUIO-BENGUET TEAM (for the collection, coordination and delivery of the goods):
TL Adi Lappao, VTL Marie Joy Toyaoan, and Brenda Cambolod

Edgar Vicente (Principal, Kabuyao Elem.), Cristie Marie Willy, John A. Bautista (PTA President), Cilina S. Onanat, Emily Batio-an, Joseph A. Talabis (School Governing Council Chairman), Rowena P. Catalino (Barangay Tanod), and Josephine L. Pumatung (Barangay Tanod)

To all of you, THANK YOU and May God Bless you a thousandfold!!!"

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Pusong Pinoy focuses on families such as the Naris Family of Banay-Banay, Lipa City.

Ten siblings...battle to survive a life without a mother who died a few months ago. Their father, Domeng, can barely work as a carpenter due to a previous debilitating knee injury and problems with his eyesight.

The kids help support the family by selling bottles, newspaper, and scrap. The Naris family is only one of many families receiving assistance from PSAC, a Pusong Pinoy recipient.

On September 12, 2009, Pusong Pinoy Seattle Team Leader Dong Mamaril along with PP Philippines Team Jocel Estoque, Susan Chua, Tracy Jimenez, Beng Dizon, Liza De Jesus, and Ning Doble took the kids to Robinsons Mall and Jollibee which was a first for these kids. The kids had fun playing at the mall and they had a great time eating at Jollibee.

Special thanks to TL Susan Chua for donating P1,600 worth of groceries, slippers donated by Jocel Estoque, and Liza de Jesus for paying for the carousel and car rides. TL Dong Mamaril also donated a sack of rice, biscuits, and other food items; and treated the family, including the PP team and PSAC volunteers, to Jollibee.

In December 2009, the Naris family received a sack of rice and toys as part of our Project Pamasko ng Pusong-Pinoy (Christmas Gift-Giving). A balikbayan box of clothes and canned goods from donors in the United States was also given to the family in January 2010.

Pusong Pinoy thanks the generosity of our team leaders and donors towards the Naris family. Thanks also to all the volunteers who make up Parish Social Action Committee of San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church in Lipa City for their tireless acts of kindness and generosity towards less privileged families around their area.

Would you like to make a difference in a kid's life in the Philippines like the Naris kids? If you do, please support our causes, so we, in turn, can support organizations like PSAC. Click here to find out how you can help.