Sunday, June 20, 2010


UPDATE: On June 19, 2010, food items collected from the PP Food Drive held in March 2010 and school supplies collected from PP's School Supplies Project "Alay Mula Sa Puso" in May 2010 were turned over to Damascus Foundation by our Philippines Core Team - CTL JOCEL ESTOQUE, TL BENG DIZON, TL SUSAN CHUA, and TL VANGIE CRUZ REYES. Thanks to all our wonderful heroes for making this project a success! Please scroll down to see the list of food items collected.


On March 20, 2010, Pusong Pinoy launched a second food drive for one of our recipients, DAMASCUS FOUNDATION, a non-stock, non-profit organization located in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan in the Philippines. The foundation provides a home for recovering drug dependents, street children, and individuals with behavioral problems. It caters to charity cases and youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in the Philippines. Its holistic approach to rehabilitation gives hope and provides opportunities for a normal and functional life by providing these kids with physical, mental, and spiritual development.

Apart from its rehabilitation center, Damascus opened a preschool (Kindergarten and Preparatory level) for the children of indigent families of the town. Its mission is to nurture health and educate undernourished children in the town by way of the Damascus Learning Center (DLC). The children come from far-away barrios who do not have access to preschool or kindergarten education. DLC provides school supplies, uniform, and food to these children.

Pusong Pinoy launched this food drive to help Damascus continue this worthwhile mission. We need to feed these children to nourish their mind. We are asking Pusong Pinoy heroes to rise to the occasion and help complete the following list of basic food items for Damascus:
ItemsPrice/Item# More Needed
Rice-25 sacks P1600/$35 COMPLETED

Luncheon Meat-50 cans

Sardines(555 Brand)-50 large cans P30/$.67 COMPLETED
Cooking Oil-6 gallons P260/$5.78 COMPLETED
White Sugar-50 kilos P55/$1.22 COMPLETED
Powdered Milk-50 kilos P285/$6.33 COMPLETED
Chocolate Powdered Milk - 50 kilos P195/$4.33 COMPLETED
Ramen Noodles-200 pcs P6/$.13 COMPLETED

* 5 sacks of rice from the list above will be donated to EPHESUS, HOME OF ABUSED CHILDREN c/o Damascus Foundation.

*US Dollar Conversion is based on $1 to P45

Thanks to the following donors:
1. 1 sack rice - Dubai Team Leader Cherry Tanedo
2. 1 sack rice & 12 kilos white sugar - Leah Ramos-Guintu
3. 1 sack rice - USA-Orange County Team Leader Herbert Wenceslao
4. 1 sack rice - USA-Seattle Team Leader Dong Mamaril
5. 4 gallons of cooking oil - USA-West Covina TL Dan Pasamonte
6. 3 kilos chocomilk powder - USA-Seattle JTL Jai Mamaril
7. 1 sack rice, 6 kilos of choco milk & 3 kilos sugar - Phils-QC Team Leader Lance Bucoy & Vice-Team Leader Sharon Barrios
8. 5 kilos chocomilk powder & 2 kilos of sugar - Jay Almoneda
9. 3 sacks rice - Tony Velbis (USA-Torrance)
10. 3 sacks of rice & 3 kilos of sugar - Mari Tomioka
11. 1 sack of rice - USA-Corona Team Leader Annali Ancheta
12. 1 sack of rice - USA-Newport Beach Team Leader Carl Bernardo
13. 2 sacks of rice- Don Crisostomo (Spain)
14. 1 sack of rice - Anonymous donor from Team Seattle
15. 2 sacks of rice & 7 kilos of sugar - Wendy Wong (USA-New York)
16. 3 sacks of rice - Ladera Ranch TL Joanne & VTL Victory Bermudez
17. 1 sack of rice - Arnel & Chinky Francisco
18. 2 gallons of cooking oil & 10 kilos of sugar - Baguio-Benguet Team Leader Adi Lappao
19. 50 large cans of sardines - Phils-Rizal TL Villanueva
20. 8 kilos of chocomilk & 2 kilos of sugar - Dubai VTL Christina Carlos
21. 2 sacks of rice - USA-Alaska TL Winnie Domingo-Cichosz
22. 11 kilos of chocomilk - USA-East Coast CTL Ivy Antonio
23. 200 pieces of ramen - HongKong VTL Wys Vas-Villalobos
24. 5 kilos of chocomilk - Manette Quiroz
25. 1 kilo of powdered milk & 11 kilos of sugar - Conqui Bernardo
26. 50 cans of luncheon meat - USA-Newport Beach TL Carl Bernardo
27. 3 kilos of powdered milk - USA-Corona TL Annali Ancheta
28. 5 kilos of powdered milk - Hong Kong VTL Dang Rapio
29. 5 kilos of chocomilk - Roby Eserio Chan
30. 10 kilos powdered milk - Angelina Endozo
31. 4 kilos of powdered milk - Maria Lovella Mendoza
32. 1 kilo of powdered milk & 1 kilo milo - Jenny Oliva
33. 1 sack of rice - Phils-Pampanga Team Leader Neri Lozano
34. 6 kilos of chocomilk & 7 kilos of powdered milk - Team Hong Kong: CTL Angel "Jay" Martinez, Team Leader Jinky Sonsalla, Vice Team Leaders: Wys Vas-Villalobos, Kaz Soriano, and Carol Vega
35. 7 kilos of powdered milk - Planet Pansit (West Covina, California)
36. 12 kilos of powdered milk - Rey Quirimit (Qatar)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last month, Pusong Pinoy launched a major project - ALAY MULA SA PUSO (Gift from the Heart). In this project, we collected donations for school supplies to benefit the underprivileged kids in the Philippines. Imagine these kids going through a school year with no paper and pencil. That's how basic the need is for so many children for the simplest of school necessities.

On June 9, 2010, the school supplies were turned over to Kabuyao Elementary School (KES), one of the recipients of this project. The students of KES received the school supplies in time for the start of the school year. Thanks to our Pusong Pinoy Baguio-Benguet Team (TL BYD BAWAYAN, TL ADI LAPPAO, YVONNE NGOLAB, and WILLIAM COLAS) for a job well done and especially to our wonderful HEROES for making this project a success!

School Profile:
KES is located atop Mt. Kabuyao, Santo Tomas, Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet. Located approximately 13 kilometers from the central business district of Baguio City, the locale has only one public utility vehicle serving the community, with its rough and rocky roads are prone to landslides during the rainy season. It is approximately 7,000 meters above sea level and has an area of more or less 7,000 square meters. Because of its high altitude, the locale is considered an area of rain with temperatures going as low as 3 to 16 degrees Celsius. During the summer, accessibility to water becomes a problem with the school's spring becoming the water source for the entire community. The school has enough rooms to accommodate one classroom for each grade level 1 to 6 with full-time teachers mostly coming from the Tuba area. Parents and members of the community regularly pitch-in and help out as the need arises (i.e. cooking snacks, accommodating visitors, etc). Although some students live close to the school area, others have to walk a mile or two just to attend school. The school has a mini library with very limited resources and instructional materials. Some are obsolete books and cannot be used as reference materials.