Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In only two weeks, we raised P75,000 for our DAMASCUS SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT.  This was supposed to be completed three months ago, but unfortunately, it got delayed due to the unexpected intensity of our CDO and Luzon Relief Projects.  Special Thanks to our Arizona Team Leader, Jocelin Olivier, for spearheading this project!

On its second year, this scholarship helped 15 financially challenged, but truly deserving scholars with uniforms and daily meals/snacks for an entire school year.  These scholars are graduates of the Damascus Learning Center who are now attending an accredited public school. Thank you to the following sponsors who donated P5,000 for each scholar for one school year:

Scholar 1:  Myra Escutin Salvacion (Arizona, USA)
Scholar 2:  Shiela Lorenzo of (Australia)
Scholar 3:  RJ Gumatay (California, USA)/Debra Bunnell (Indiana, USA)
Scholar 4:  Sarah Encina (Philippines)
Scholar 5:  Sarah Encina (Philippines)
Scholar 6:  Sarah Encina (Philippines)
Scholar 7:  Bernardina Kimmerle (USA); Purplelady (USA); Rafael & Michelle Tuason (USA)
Scholar 8:  Purplelady (USA)
Scholar 9:  Ispikikay (Singapore)
Scholar 10:  Marc & Jocelin Olivier (Arizona, USA)
Scholar 11:  Caroline Zarate-Boyle (Colorado, USA)
Scholar 12:  Michelle Leus (Philippines)
Scholar 13:  Michelle Leus (Philippines)
Scholar 14:  Michelle Leus (Philippines)
Scholar 15:  MMM of Sienna College
Damascus Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit organization located in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan in the Philippines. It provides a home for recovering drug dependents, street children, and individuals with behavioral problems. It caters to charity cases and youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in the Philippines.  Its holistic approach to rehabilitation gives hope and provides opportunities for a normal and functional life by providing these children with physical, mental, and spiritual development.

The foundation's mission is also to nurture health and educate undernourished children in the town by way of the Damascus Learning Center. The children come from far-away barrios who do not have access to preschool or kindergarten education.

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 "Pusong Pinoy, I am Raiza Mae E. Castro, thanking you for helping and supporting me with my studies.  I will study hard for you and for my parents.  May God bless you so you can help more kids.  Thank you."