Monday, January 9, 2012


Once again, as part of our Christmas project, "Pamasko ng Pusong Pinoy 3", our Pusong Pinoy team took a 45-minute ride up the mountains of Mt. Sto. Tomas. The magnificent view of Baguio City was equaled by the amazing teachers and children who met the team with open arms. The bigger boys of the school readily queued up to unload the jeepney containing the goodies the kids will receive. All the rest stood in lines patiently waiting for the program to begin. They prepared dance, poetry and song numbers for Pusong Pinoy to show their utmost gratitude to the people who never fail to make them feel special. The teachers expressed their unending gratitude to the Superheroes and HEROES of Pusong Pinoy for the snacks and Christmas packages containing rice, noodles, sardines, and slippers for all students of Kabuyao Elementary School. 

(167 Students)
1 apple
2 packs of ramen noodles
1 can of sardines
1 pair of slippers
1 pair of gently-used jacket/sweater (to follow)

(9 teachers)
2 bars of soap
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
1 small bag of assorted chocolates
3 1/2 kilos of rice

We would like to thank Pusong Pinoy Heroes ADO CABJUAN, NAJYA CABJUAN, and JEREMY DOBLE for helping in the distribution of goodies.  Special thanks to our Pusong Pinoy team who were involved in this turnover:  Philippines Core Team Leader NINGNING DOBLE, Team Leaders ADI LAPPAO and BYD BAWAYAN, and Vice-Team Leader JOANNE SUYAM.  Lastly, thanks to all the PP HEROES for making this event possible!