Wednesday, May 8, 2013


by PP Scotland Team Leader Douglas Iness

Thank you to the numerous pupils who donated books. Every book you donate will bring enjoyment to other children. Haley Milne, the School Librarian, supervised the storage of books in the school’s library. She also donated books. Thank you for your support, Haley. Staff also collected and donated books. 

Thank you to- Kevin Boyd, Pauline Shearlaw, Morag Adams and Audrey McLeod, and Adele Guazelli, along with other staff who donated and collected books or supported the “book drive” in any way. Adele bought 48 books especially for her donation. The books were in great condition- ideal for keen readers. Just perfect! This was a wonderful team effort- staff and pupils working together to support other children. 

It was a real pleasure to visit Ayr Academy again. Hopefully, the relationship between Ayr Academy and Pusong Pinoy will grow! Thank you to the Head Teacher, Mrs K. MacDonald, for affording Pusong Pinoy the opportunity visit the school, meet staff and pupils and collect the books. It is great that others share the idea that, together, we can make a difference. On behalf of children in the Philippines who will enjoy these books, thank you to the all of the staff and pupils of Ayr Academy. Really, we cannot thank you enough...