Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Take a look at Pusong Pinoy's latest volunteers - a group of junior heroes with big hearts got busy packing 420 books for the disadavantaged children of the Philippines. This is volunteerism work at the DALMILLING PRIMARY SCHOOL at Ayr, Scotland. These kids not only did a lot of work - they did it with happy hearts! You are great examples for the youth of today, little HEROES!

Thank you, Ms Jacqueline Coulter, Head Teacher and Ken O’Hara, Assistant Head for heading this effort. And a great big thanks to Agnes Dones, a long time supporter of Pusong Pinoy, for making this possible!   Lastly, thanks to our Scotland Team Leader Douglas Inness for his volunteer work and dedication to the disadvantaged children of the Philippines.  MABUHAY!