Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Pusong Pinoy Team Baguio-Benguet, through the initiative of Team Leader BYD BAWAYAN and Vice Team Leader Joanne Suyam and in coordination with The Baguio Fountain of Life – Singles’ Ministry and Pastor MARLOU BERSAMIN of Heritage Bible Baptist Church, reached out again a little further as they shared a joy to the kindergarten and elementary students of Barangay Sagubo, Kapangan, Benguet on December 27, 2010.

Reaching Barangay Sagubo was a three-hour off-road trip from the City of Pines passing through roads and bridges still under repair after being washed out by the super typhoons Pepeng (2009) and Juan (2010). These calamities did not spare our target area.

According to Pastor Marlou, the community could have moved on if it were not because of the latter typhoon that destroyed most of their crops and livestock about three months ago. Just like other affected areas, we felt a pang somewhere in our guts.  This sad feeling leaped away as we saw the kids running towards us when we reached the area. As young as you can imagine, the children gladly helped us carry the books and other items we brought up the hill where the temporary church building is standing. Considering the distance and off road trip, not to mention the ruined bridges, this four-year old church has had barely a support.

After few moments of catching up with the Sunday school teachers, parents, and children, we learned that some children hiked two hours to reach the church. Another thing that struck us was that the church is near the school where these children attend everyday. Imagine a two-hour hike to school everyday? Nevertheless, we did not hear nor see any sign of complaint among them. What we saw were excited children who can’t wait to enjoy and receive our gifts!

Before the turnover activity, the children prepared song numbers and a play which gave us the message “Jesus is the Reason for this Season.” They also handed out Christmas and Thank You cards which they personally made to show their deepest gratitude and appreciation for Pusong Pinoy. VTL Joanne did not expect such preparation of the children that her eyes welled up with joy.  They also played games, candies were given to them, and everybody had so much fun!

As they settle down while enjoying the candies, they patiently waited for their gifts from PP heroes: school supplies, toys, slippers, rice, etc.  The kids were most excited at the part when they have to pick a brand new pair of slippers.  More than 40 children made it to this event. Some couldn’t make it becaue it was quite a hike to the church.

Here are the gifts that the children of Kapangan received:

Daycare -  Preschool (13 students)
1 pair of slippers
1 coloring book
1 eraser
1 box of crayon
1 bracelet
10 pencils
1 kilo of rice

Grades 1 - 2 (10 students)
1 pair of slippers
1 eraser
1 bracelet
7 pencils
5 notebooks
1 kilo of rice
1 story-coloring book

Grades 3 - 4 (13 students)
1 pair of slippers
1 eraser
1 bracelet
3 notebooks
5 pencils
1 story-coloring book
1 kilo of rice

Grades 5 - 6 (9 students)
1 pair of slippers
1 eraser
1 notebook
1 pad paper
1 bracelet
5 pens
1 kilo of rice

For those children who were not able to attend, the school items were turned over to the Sunday Care Teacher Gemma and the remaining slippers were turned over to the church.  The remaining kilos of rice were turned over to Pstr. Marlou.  Because of the long hike to the church, some members eat at the church for lunch before going back to their homes.  During this event, the mother members of the church provided snacks and lunch - kamote (sweet potato) and pinikpikan (traditional food of the Igorots).

As a culminating part of the activity, Pastor Marlou extended his thanks and gratitude to Pusong Pinoy especially to the PP heroes who were kind enough to share what they have to these children. He assured these gifts will be used in the right way and that these children will always be grateful for what they have received. He also instructed the Sunday school teachers to have a library corner where they can put the books so children can enjoy reading. 

God bless Pusong Pinoy! May you reach out more children! 

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Thanks, Olive, for a wonderful article!  A BIG thanks to you and VTL Joanne for bringing these gifts to the children of Kapangan.  You're both amazing heroes!  Thanks for bringing joy to these kids this holiday season!

List of items and PP Heroes/Superheroes who made this happen:

300 children's books
160 pencils
60 boxes of crayons
- 40 donated by TL Carl Bernardo (Newport Beach, USA)
- 20 from an Anonymous Hero (Anaheim, USA)
80 erasers -
- 80 erasers donated by VTL Cherryann Alix Solomon (Hong Kong)
120 notebooks -
- 80 donated by Conqui Bernardo (Ontario, USA)
- 40 donated by TL Wys Vas-Villalobos (Hong Kong)
60 coloring books
- 41 from an Anonymous Hero (Anaheim, USA)
- 20 donated by Emee Metiam Navarro Abad (Zambales)
60 kilos rice
- 60 donated by TL Wys-Vas Villalobos (Hong Kong)
60 chocolates
- 60 donated by Douglas & Jean Inness (Scotland)
60 pairs of slippers - 60 donated by Ian Solomon (Hong Kong)
Miscellaneous school supplies
- calculators, pens donated by Jovito Macatugal of Carson, California
Jeepney rental to transport items from Baguio City to Kapangan, Benguet
- donated by Encina Family (Manila)