Monday, February 3, 2014

PP Heroes' Summit 2014

"My BIGGEST THANKS to all the HEROES and SUPERHEROES who attended the recently concluded Pusong Pinoy Heroes' Summit at Grappas last Sunday. Thank you for participating in all of the activities and purchasing our PP Shirts. It was such a lovely scene to see so many heroes wearing the Pusong Pinoy Logo proudly at the same time. Thank you everyone for making a dream come true and making it such a BIG SUCCESS!  Maybe in two years, you can all join me as we travel to yet another country to bring the 3rd Pusong Pinoy Heroes' Summit to REALITY!!! " - Hong Kong Charter Team Leader JAY MARTINEZ
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In July 2012, the first Pusong Pinoy Heroes’ Summit was held in Manila. It was a resounding success as it allowed Pusong Pinoy to strengthen partnerships with the DepEd principals and teachers, leaders of NGOs, donors, and volunteers who have allowed the successful implementation of programs in the Philippines. This year, the second Pusong Pinoy Heroes’ Summit will be held in Hong Kong!

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year, this is the ideal opportunity to review the past year, celebrate achievements and discuss future plans with the heroes of Hong Kong. It will be the rallying point for the heroes who want to make a real difference in the lives of Filipino children. It will be a venue to recognize the contributions of the organizations and individuals who have supported Pusong Pinoy through the years. It is also an event that will raise awareness regarding the fight and plight of the Filipino children, equipping participants with enough knowledge to help alleviate the children’s dismal state, especially in the area of education. The summit is likewise a convergence of hearts and minds that will move towards the realization of Pusong Pinoy’s mission of eradicating poverty through literacy.

On 2nd February 2014, Pusong Pinoy will open doors for heroes to do more for the children who will shape the future of the Philippines. Heroes united will increase the impact of our efforts to effect change. We invite you to be part of this change.

For heroes out there who would like to take active involvement in the summit or would like to support the event in some way, please send an email to our Hong Kong Charter Team Leader, Jay Martinez, at or you may call him at +852 9772 7279.

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