Saturday, November 2, 2013


Books, treats and meals - are what dreams are made of, for the 200 Aeta students of Dueg Resettlement Elementary School, in Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac.

On November 2, 2013, Pusong Pinoy team from the Philippines and Scotland traveled over rough terrain to feed the children pansit (rice noodles), sandwiches and juice. They also brought 500 books, and instructional materials.  Food items were also donated which will complement the school's Feeding Program conducted by the teachers once a week.  With the donated food items, the teachers will be able to provide breakfast/snacks to the children twice a week.

A million thanks to the 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army for transporting the PP Team, volunteers, and donated items to the community.  Special thanks to our PP Team - TL DOUGLASS INESS, CTL NINGNING DOBLE, TL JENNY OLIVA, TL MAJOY TOYAOAN LUMIWES, TL JOANNE SUYAM and to all the volunteers who joined them on this trip!.
Lastly, our deepest gratitude goes to all of the HEROES who made this possible!
1 sack 50 kg rice
1 sack 25 kg rice
20 packs bihon noodles
3 pails of Rebisco biscuits
6 packs Ovaltine 840 gms
3 kgs white sugar
10 packs Sunday powdered juice
10 kgs Sunshine spaghetti noodles
10 kgs UFC spaghetti sauce
10 kgs Sunshine elbow macaroni
20 cans evaporated milk 310 ml
12 packs Alaska powdered milk 700 gms
1 gallon soy sauce
2 gallons Spring cooking oil
8 packs marshmallows
501 Story books
Radio/CD Player (Brand New)
 6 pcs C batteries
50 library cards
120 pcs book pockets
20 packs geometry tools
52 6-inch wooden rulers
5 binder folders
1 ream binder filler paper
1 set Brain Quest activity cards
1 protractor
1 set story strips
1 set playmat
19assorted toys
31 pcs assorted children’s clothes
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