Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The “Holy Fair” is held annually in June, at Rozelle Park in Ayr. It’s a family fun day out, with Pipe Bands, entertainment and a variety of stalls promoting charities or selling things. It’s an ideal opportunity to promote Pusong Pinoy. 

The Pusong Pinoy Team was- Stewart McMurran, Paula Nimmo and Douglas Inness. We arrived an hour or so before opening, checked out our stall, hung tarpaulins, and set out leaflets, books and other items. Usually, we have a photo display, but threatening rain made us decide against it. The weather, last year, was disappointing but it was better this year. Books and water do not mix! 

Occasionally, people donate books on the day or after the event, so the event was a good venue to spread the word about Pusong Pinoy.  It was a busy day and fun chatting with people Pusong Pinoy and how it supports literacy in the Philippines. Our presence also helps to promote literacy in Scotland by encouraging children to enjoy new books. People can learn about what we do and support a charity. This, in turn helps Pusong Pinoy to support literacy projects in the Philippines. Everybody wins! Hopefully, they are future Pusong Pinoy supporters! 

 - Douglas Inness (TL Link) Pusong Pinoy, Scotland