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Pusong Pinoy extends its heartfelt thanks to PP heroes MIKE and ANNA TESORERO and their family especially their precious little girl, JEANNEAU.

It is said that among the important milestones in a child’s life is when he or she turns 1 and 7.  So when Jeanneau turned 7, her mom, Anna, decided it was the perfect opportunity to teach her the beauty of giving. It was not hard for Anna to convince Jeanneau that in lieu of cool gifts like toys and clothes, she will instead accept donations for the benefit of the needy kids in the Philippines. Upon Jeanneau’s consent, her family started scouting a local charity to be their beneficiary. Anna heard about Pusong Pinoy from our Team Leader Vangie Cruz-Reyes.

The Tesoreros are from Dublin, California but on the occasion of Jeanneau’s 7th birthday, more than 100 needy kids from faraway Philippines were treated to a party they will not soon forget. It was a double celebration for Jeanneau. Her U.S. party was celebrated last June 16 at Athan Downs Park in San Ramon, California. The party enabled the family to raise funds donated to Pusong Pinoy. Overseas, the Philippine party in her honor gave so much joy to our kids.

The Tesorero family’s donation enabled Pusong Pinoy recipient, the Parish Social Action Committee (PSAC), to prepare a virtual feast of pansit, hotdog on sticks, bread, juice and candies for the kids of San Vicente Ferrer Parish in Banay-Banay Lipa City. Aside from the abundant food that was  shared with some parents, PSAC helpers and volunteers, it was also an afternoon of fun-filled games. Although Jeanneau and her family couldn’t be present for the Philippine birthday blow-out, they were there in spirit - behind every smile, every laugh and every satisfied little tummy.

Add to this avalanche of blessings, Anna Tesorero also made a monetary donation used to purchased 10 sacks of rice, 20 containers of biscuits, 15 packs of chocolate milk, 25 kilos of sugar and 58 cans of sardines for the wards of Damascus Foundation in Bulacan. Such generosity! It is because of heroes like the Tesorero family that Pusong Pinoy is able to continue its mission of not only spreading literacy but also spreading hope and cheer across the Philippines. Thank you, Jeanneau, our little Pusong Pinoy hero with a big heart! - TL Krystala (Florence O. Temporal)

If you would like to celebrate your birthday the Pusong Pinoy way, please contact our Charter Team Leader Jay Martinez or Team Leader Carol Vega at

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PSAC has been a Pusong Pinoy recipient since 2009. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the Philippines, not only by helping them with their needs, but encouraging a positive outlook on life.  PSAC serves the community of San Vicente Ferrer Parish in Banay-Banay, Lipa City in Batangas.  Special thanks to PSAC's President LIZA DE JESUS and all the volunteers for their tireless acts of kindness and generosity to the underprivileged kids in their community. 

Damascus Foundation (DF) is a non-stock, non-profit foundation located in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan in the Philippines. It is a home for drug dependents, street children, and individuals with behavioral problems. It caters mostly to charity cases; youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in our country. Its holistic approach to rehabilitation aims to give hope and provide opportunities for a normal and functional life, providing these kids with physical, mental, and spiritual development.  Apart from its rehabilitation center, DF also runs a preschool, Damascus Learning Center (DLC).  It caters to children in far-away barrios who do not have the access to preschool or kindergarten education. Most of their parents cannot afford to send them to school because of financial difficulties. For this reason, Damascus opened DLC for the children of indigent families of the town.  Its mission is to nurture back to health and educate undernourished children in its town and provide livelihood opportunities to their parents.