Wednesday, November 21, 2012



The Pusong Pinoy's sense of heroism transpired again in Little Lights Ministry. I have been with this organization for three years starting as one of the Vice Team Leaders in Hong Kong.  
There are many ways to support this non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for everyone we call "Heroes" to help disadvantaged kids in the Philippines, and, one of them is to celebrate birthdays in a meaningful way.  That's why on the 7th birthday of my daughter, ASHLY CAREL, she celebrated this special day the Pusong Pinoy way!
Since I live in Hong Kong, this is a new experience for me and my family in capturing this wonderful event. On October 7, 2012, we accompanied Ashly to celebrate her birthday with about 100 disadvantaged children of Little Lights Tawi-Tawi at the Tramo Multipurpose Hall in Pasig, Philippines.
Little Lights Ministry is a children's outreach of the Kerygma Apostolic Ministry Asia - a non-profit organization dedicated in helping the less privileged Filipino children and their love ones to have a better way of life.
Thanks to sister JENNIFER ZAMUDIO for guiding us to our destination and volunteers of Little Lights for their warm welcome.  Arriving at Little Lights with the birthday cake, it was so exciting as they sang a birthday song in unison as we enter the multipurpose hall, where the party took place. 

Ashly was a bit shy; however, the kids were very friendly that, at no time, Ashly joined in the fun! The children were amazing!  They gave thanks to our Lord for the wonderful day. They had spaghetti, sponge cake, and fresh orange juice at the party. Cameras flashing, Ashly's playing with the children and everyone was chatting away with fulfillment in their eyes.
Ashly's birthday celebration was a success! Time flies fast when you're having fun at Little Lights, but  it was time to go after all the excitement. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone in Little Lights for making Ashly Carel's 7th birthday celebration a truly wonderful experience that she'll cherish and never forget.

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If you would like to celebrate your birthday the PP way, please email CTL Jay Martinez or TL Carol Vega at

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