Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On December 18, 2012. Pusong Pinoy team led by PP Core Team Leader JOCEL TANEDO ESTOQUE and Team Leaders CLAUDETTE TANEDO, JENNY SORIANO OLIVA, and LANCE ROMEL BUCOY traveled to Pasig City to bring Christmas donations to the children of Little Lights Ministry.  Little Lights currently serves more than 1,000 underprivileged Filipino children, which includes out-of-school and never-schooled children.  Since 2010, Pusong Pinoy has been supporting Little Lights Ministry's literacy and feeding programs. 

During this Christmas celebration, the children and their families were treated with a nice meal (fried chicken, rice, macaroni salad, and dessert) donated by ICONS, a long-time supporter of Pusong Pinoy.   It was a fun-filled event with singing and gift distributions. We are truly grateful to all Pusong Pinoy Heroes who stepped up once again and donated the following items to make sure that the children and their families of Little Lights Ministry enjoy the holidays:
250 apples
500 ramen noodles
250 kilos of rice (5 sacks of rice)
250 cans of sardines

Each child received
1 apple
2 ramen noodles
1 kilo of rice
1 can of sardines

Pusong Pinoy believes that good nutrition is important for good learning.  The following items were also donated to Little Lights Ministry for their feeding program. 

5 sacks of rice (50 kilos/sack)
300 Pusong Pinoy notebooks
20 pails of biscuits
50 cans of evaporated milk
200 coloring notebooks
25 kilos of macaroni
25 kilos of bihon
20 kilos of powdered juice drink

A message from Pastor Joseph and his wife, Jeanette:"At this point we would like to bless highly those who endeavor to make our Little Lights happy and for all the wonderful support extended to our Ministry for the furtherance of our missions.  Thanks to PUSONG PINOY for being such a great partner and for steadfastly laboring to seek ways and means that the advocacy for our less priviledge brethren here in the Philippines be a continious work.  Special thanks to ICONS for sponsoring the food and for your steadfast support to our ministry and PRIME

Your commitment and concern to this ministry will cause God's face to shine upon you. As it is written; He hath disperse to the poor, your light will shine like noonday, your horn will be exalted with honor.  May the Lord Christ Jesus daily load you all with His graces, benefits and favors!
Maraming Salamat Po!"

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