Saturday, October 1, 2011


Pusong Pinoy is inviting everyone to take part in the "CHILDREN FIRST INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION" at the Netherbow Gallery Space in Edinburgh, Scotland from December 1, 2011 through January 9, 2012. 

This exhibition will capture the essence of Pusong Pinoy's work in promoting literacy to eradicate poverty, where too many children have never seen a book or have limited access to books. We are asking HEROES to submit images which will help us tell the Pusong Pinoy story.  Sharing your photos will help us further our cause – to help eradicate poverty through the improvement of literacy for Filipino children. If selected, your photo will be printed to A3 size and will be a part of the exhibit.  You will retain copyright. 

October 21, 2011

We are looking for photos which illustrate Filipino child poverty as well as the positive actions that Pusong Pinoy has taken to alleviate it. Here are some ideas on which photos will qualify for exhibition consideration:
  • Pusong Pinoy: the beginning (how it all began)
  • Donors with collected books
  • Book drives (collected at events, in cars, in garages, etc.)
  • Mobile or transportable libraries (ex. Baclayon’s Books on Wheels, DLSL Book Mobile Reading Program)
  • Boxes being shipped
  • Reading programs showing shelves or crates of books, volunteers and children
  • A volunteer reading a story to a child
  • Kids reading
  • Recipients themselves showing different kinds of emotions
  • Pusong Pinoy scholars
  • Turnovers of donations to Pusong Pinoy recipients
  • Christmas project (Project Pamasko ng Pusong Pinoy)
  • Pusong Pinoy birthday blowout
  • Kids eating, reading, and listening to storytelling
  • Kids happily inspecting their goody bags  
  • Pictures of sad kids or happy kids in a sad background
  • PP volunteers working
  • PP volunteers delivering packages
      OR aspects that will get visitors concerned and interested: 
  • The Philippines
  • Poverty in the Philippines
  • Filipino childhood
  • Filipino kids at play
  • Filipino life/street life in the Philippines
  • Learning in the Philippines
  • Children’s successes
  • PP work - making a difference
  • Work of recipient organizations
If you feel that you have strong images, please contact us via Facebook or  You can also email your photos directly to:

Scottish Pusong Pinoy Coordinator

We prefer the original photo files from your hard drives. Jpegs are fine. This ensures the best quality for printing. Photos posted on Facebook are reduced in size, decreasing their resolution. To ensure that we get the best quality photos, please email the photos in their original sizes. Of course, if you have a great image, just get in touch!

Let’s go, HEROES! Spread the love for the Filipino children!