Sunday, September 11, 2011



Come rain or shine – Pusong Pinoy held the first Heroes Run on August 28, 2011 in Baguio City, despite the raging super-typhoon Mina.  It was a great team effort, bringing together Pusong Pinoy heroes, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters from around the world – united in a common goal – to spread the word about our cause.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the run! The storm truly brought out the HEROES in you. Thanks also to those who wanted to be a part of the run but was prevented from doing so due to the closing of all roads leading to Baguio City on that day.  Runners, volunteers and Team Leaders from Baguio-Benguet, Manila and Hongkong braved freezing winds and rain to ensure that the HEROES who ran had a memorable experience.  Proudly wearing their souvenir T-shirts, runners of all ages took on the typhoon with big smiles, cheers and laughter.  PP is truly grateful to all the runners that signed up, all 706 of you and to all our amazing sponsors and supporters for always being there to support our projects.

Special thanks to Ms. Che Alberto and the Cool City Runners, UPPL Pusoy, Dawn to Dusk Mountaineers, BEGNAS Cultural Dancers, UP Shadows, the Noobs photographers of Pampanga, Ralph Quijano, and all our PP Superheroes for coming and helping ensure the success of our fun run despite the harsh weather condition.   Because of our collective efforts, PP will be able to reach out to more public schools and more kids in the near future. Together, we are making a difference. Thank you HEROES!!!

* * * * * * * *
Although 706 Runners have registered, due to the typhoon, less than 300 Runners showed up but we are happy to announce that the rest of the food that was ordered for those who were not able to make it, did not go to waste. Our PP Team went to Baguio General Hospital and distributed the extra food to its patients.