Saturday, November 20, 2010


A message from Rural Educational & Outreach Program (RECOP):

Thank you so much for this wonderful video! Pusong Pinoy commends CHECCS OSMENA-ORBIDA and all the volunteers of RECOP. Your selfless concern for the welfare of the kids in Negros Occidental continue to inspire us to do more. Special thanks to our HEROES from Hong Kong and Dubai for the book donations and to NYLESOR TADEO of Israel for sponsoring the shipment of books from Manila.

RECOP is a team of volunteers who provide outreach programs and supplies to children and parents of impoverished communities in the mountains of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. In the mountains, schoolchildren are so bereft of resources. They have so little - no crayons, no notebooks, no picture books, a few pieces of pad paper. Most of them go hungry but they strive to go to school.

Normally, a student owns only one pair of footwear - rubber slippers. Most of the children go barefoot on the schoolgrounds for fear their slippers would wear out fast. In one of the schools, most of the students have never seen modeling clay or a watercolor paint brush.There is no electricity in these remote mountain areas. Only the most prominent family owns a generator-powered TV set. Most of the children have never been to town, much more to the bigger city. It is no wonder that most of the children drop out by Grade 4, a little after they have learned the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics.

By the age of 15, girls are set off to be married while boys work the land of their parents. Few complete high school and college is unheard of. RECOP believes that with exposure and resources, schoolchildren would learn how to build a better life. It is RECOP's hope that some would discover that they are not solely bound to the land they till and that there is a bigger world outside of what they know of.

Please help us continue to promote literacy! Donate a book now! For information on book donation, send us an email or contact the team leader in your area.